The Lambretta Story

The History about the Innocenti family, the Lambretta-brand and the scooters sold worldwide.

Ferdinando lnnocenti was born in 1881 in Pescla, Italy to an artistic family. His father, Dante Innocenti, was an able blacksmith in that little Tuscan town. After having finished his studies at a technical school, Ferdinando teamed up with his brother and father in running the family blacksmith business. In no time at all, he demonstrated a knack for selling a wide variety of mechanical products, and soon, the two brothers became famous in their field.

Lambretta Scooter In an agreement with Scafoding, they built and sold a special vice clam under license used in attaching metal scaffolding, which would soon become famous throughout the world.

The company prospered and grew, and the brothers decided to build a new factory on Via Pitteri in the Lambrate area of Milan. After the destruction of World War II, Innocenti sacrificed everything to start over.

By the end of 1946, lnnocenti already had several important industrial contracts, which showed the far-sightedness of the company’s founder. While the Allies were busy liberatin Rome from the Nazi grip in 1944, the briliant mind of Ferdinando lnnocenti was contemplating an economic means of mobility to be used immediately postwar in place of pubIic transportation. During that period, lnnocenti saw for the first time American troops driving around on little scooters. He recognized that a little putt-putt could have a fantastic future in Italy. The Lambretta was the fruit of the labor of the engineer Pier Luigi Torre, and was presented to the world in 1947.

The Lambretta, named after the town of its conception, was an instant hit with the Italians. So much so that Ferdinando soon began exporting the scooter across the world. In 1951 the first Lambretta hit British shores and by 1959 the brand was outstripping sales of Vespas - scooters that were already established in the UK.

Innocenti produced the scooter for 30 years and the Lambretta became a symbol for youth around the world. With ideal timing British mod culture arrived and a need for rebellion took hold of the country’s youth. Despite its Italian origins, the Lambretta brand had by now adopted a very English personality: the Union Jack and the scooters went hand in hand.

Relaunch of the Lambretta Brand

In 1997, 50 years after the introduction of the Lambretta, a comprehensive product line was successfully launched, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. The muchawaited Watch Collection was launched in 1999, designed for modern times, but retaining the cherished values of the 60s freedom, independence, and quality throughout. Today, the Lambretta Relaunch of the Lambretta-brand watches are distributed in 20 countries all over the world.

All who love the Lambretta scooter can once again enjoy that genuine Lambretta feeling!

Menswear, Womenswear, Footwear, Eyewear, Timewear, Accessories and Fragrances

- 1947 -

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