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Year: 1950
Address: c/ Muntaner, 55
Bus: Lines 54, 58, 64, 68
T:93 453 88 60, 93 453 77 26
Opening times: Monday to Friday 11am - 1pm; 4pm - 6pm
Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Founded in 1950, the orthopaedic store Serra at c/ Muntaner, 55 has remained unchanged for more than 50 years. The friendly and forthcoming owner, Señor Santiago Soucherion, is quite happy to allow visitors in and show them round, as long as he has time. The entrance hall contains a large wooden table, six chairs, and three display cases on the walls containing photographs of deformed body parts. Lying there too are plaster figures roughly half a metre in size on which precision-made support corsets and other strapwork for regulating spinal or hip deformities can be closely studied.


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