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Il Giardinetto
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Architect: Federico Correa Ruiz and Alfonso Milà Sagnier
Year: 1973 / 74
Address: c/ La Granada del Penedès, 22
Bus: Lines 16, 17, 27, 31, 32, 58, 64
T/F:93 415 98 56 / 93 218 75 36
Opening times: 1.30pm-4.30pm, 9pm-2am, Friday / Saturday 9pm-3am
Closed: Saturday daytime, Sunday and national holidays, all of august
Features: Mediteranian kitchen, homemade-fresh pasta, cocktail bar, Reservation essencial for dinner

Three years after the Flash Flash opened, Leopoldo Pomés commissioned architects Correa and Milà to design yet another restaurant: Il Giardinetto. For this restaurant the architects were awarded the Interior Prize of the FAD in 1974. It was a trip to the South of France in springtime that inspired the two architects' design. They watched old men playing boules under shady trees and suggested stylised trees for the restaurant, with a gallery of rattan furniture beneath them for the diners. This gallery saved them a lot of space in the restaurant, which only had 200 square metres of floor space. Beneath the gallery is a cocktail bar. On Friday nights, with a little luck, one can meet not only local writers but also architects Correa, Milà or Bofill here. Senor Ángel, the maître de maison, is very attentive to his guests - and is also the best source of information in the Giardinetto. With its tasteful furnishings and more than a touch of healthy irony, the Giardinetto does not strike one as kitschy at all, but as elegant and attractive. Pure seventies.

Il Giardinetto

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