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Tortilleria Flash Flash
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Architect: Federico Correa Ruiz and Alfonso Milà Sagnier
Year: 1969 / 70, opened in July 1970
Address: c/ La Granada del Penedès, 25
Bus: Lines 16 , 17 , 27 , 31 , 32 , 58 , 64
T/F:93 237 09 90 / 93 415 98 56
Opening times: daily 1pm-1.30am, from 11am Cafeteria
Closed: 25. December
Features: Tortillas and vegetarian dishes, hamburgers, fresh fish.
No reservation required

The restaurant Flash Flash is more the kind of thing one would expect to see in London's Carnaby Street, or in Andy Warhol's New York Factory than in Barcelona. Yet this establishment with its Pop Art aspirations is scarcely 300 metres away from the Reno restaurant. Correa and Milà conceived the Flash Flash together with its owner, the photographer Leopoldo Pomés, and it has long been one of Barcelona's '70s classics. Five round windows provide a view of the white interior and the illustrious guests. Black silhouettes of a model taking photographs with a flash unit serve a double function - they are not only decorative but also provide the lighting. The Flash Flash was the first restaurant in Barcelona where hot meals were served round the clock - still quite a rarity even today! The perfectly trained and groomed service personnel under the supervision of Señor Soria, the maître de maison, in combination with the Neo-Liberty style of the room, transform any visit here into a slightly surreal experience.

Tortilleria Flash FlashTortilleria Flash FlashTortilleria Flash Flash

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